Drama Package 1


The drama package contains 3 very different films: Hope and Glory,  Kes and The Queen. The first, Hope and Glory, is set in the time of World War Two and shows the struggles of a family of five to stay together and keep safe despite all the bombs, stress and disruption. The second, Kes, is about a 15 year-old boy from a broken family in a mining district of Yorkshire. In his life there is only one constant joy, and that is his interest in animals and his ability in training them. One day he steal a young kestrel and begins to train it... The third film in the package is The Queen. This portrays the drama which  followed the death of Princess Diana and the dilemma which faced the Queen: whether to follow the wishes of the people as well as  government (led by Tony Blair) to pay public tribute to Diana  and allow a state funeral, or whether to insist on a quiet private funeral attended by family only...

This package contains the following films