If you are a member of a film-club, you can launch some great discussions using these materials. Whether you’re in a community film society, or just a film-loving group of friends, you might also enjoy using this website!

The procedure would be as follows:

  • choose a pack of 3 films from the Films page
  • order and pay in the normal way
  • receive the materials (within 48 hours)

Once you have the materials, it’s easy. Here’s a simple step-by-step approach:

  1. Decide which film to show first
  2. Buy, stream or download the film
  3. Choose which questions you wish to use for discussion
  4. (optional) Print or send out the chosen questions
  5. Show the film or ask your group to watch it at home
  6. Decide who will lead the discussion and on what platform (Skype, Zoom or in person)
  7. Meet and discuss the film. Use the given answers – or disagree with them!

Then decide which film to show next…

So you see, this website is not just for teachers!