• How do I get started?

    1. Look at the list of films on offer
    2. Choose 3 (or 6 or 9) titles;
    3. List the titles you want and, using the Paypal link, make your payment of £25 for each pack of 3.
    4. Once payment has been received, the teaching & learning materials are sent to you – normally within 48 hours.


    To prepare your lesson/lecture/seminar/virtual session:

    1. Decide which film you’d like to show first
    2. Buy or download the film itself from the internet (free or at a small cost)
    3. Look at the teaching materials I have provided for that film
    4. Photocopy the question-sheet for your students (or show it to them in another way)


    In the classroom (or on the virtual platform you are using):

    1. Briefly introduce, then show the film (or ask the students to view the film in advance of the class) – and decide whether the sub-titles are needed or not
    2. Give the students time to think about the questions on the worksheet
    3. Encourage discussion of these questions in pairs or groups
    4. Use the Teacher’s Materials for ideas leading to enjoyable discussion and activities
    5. Make use of all the suggested answers, as well as the further information and activities given in the Teaching Pack